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All families have problems. Sometimes issues can be severe enough that family therapy may be beneficial. I’ll assess your family’s unique situation and recommend a treatment plan that’s intended to help resolve conflicts and strengthen family bonds. Generally, sessions are short term and the lessons and techniques learned can last a lifetime.

A family can be viewed as a living organism that is more than the sum of the individuals. By carefully looking at how the organism works as a whole and identifying the underlying issues is the key to restoring a healthy balance.

For a long time a family was narrowly defined as your immediate blood relatives. Over the years, the concept of what a family is has greatly broadened to encompass anyone directly involved in one’s support structure. Bringing your key group together is vital for productive sessions.

Adolescent Therapy

Providing therapy sessions for young people (also referred to as pediatric therapy/counseling)  based on their developmental level, issues and history is crucial to preventing extended or even life-long disorders. Childhood is special phase of life with its own developmental stages, each with there own hurdles specific to said stage. I treat neonate all the way through adolescence. I also assess their ability to cooperate with any recommended treatment while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment.

Common Types of Disorders

  • Attention and Behavior
  • Psychotic Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Gender Identity

Domestic Abuse & Violence

The treatment and further prevention of domestic abuse has become a national initiative in recent times. Previous to it’s surge in awareness, law enforcement and the courts made their best attempt to keep it a private matter for the family in question to resolve. Luckily, those days have passed. No family should be forced to suffer beyond the initial intervention.

Because abuse can be either physical or psychological, it can be difficult to assess what truly is abuse as the clinical definition and the perspective of the victim may differ. Identifying the problem at hand is the first step in resolving a harmful relationship. I treat both the perpetrated and the experienced in a safe, isolated manner.

Family Conflict Counseling

Considering families are composed of many individuals exhibiting their own opinions and beliefs, it’s perfectly normal to reach disagreement as part of a healthy, growing relationship. Understanding when a typical vexing of ideals turns to something more destructive is key. If the ability to function as a family unit becomes unbearable then a neutral voice is necessary. Finding sensible ways for you and your family to resolve ongoing conflicts is imperative to maintaining a happy household.

Family Therapy Sessions

  • Show how families and their members generally operate
  • Help divert focus from individual to group
  • Identify recurring issues that develop into conflict
  • Empower individual members to work together
  • Provide appropriate resolution methods for future conflicts

Parenting Counseling

There are few challenges in life that compare to the critical task of becoming a successful, nurturing parent. We live in an unprecedented time of endless exterior influences that can have long lasting effects on a child’s development. A parents duty of caring for and teaching a child the social skills necessary to become a responsible adult may prove too much at times. Discussing these concerns and seeking the support necessary helps cope with and guide certain stretches of a child’s development or behavioral issues that may arise.

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