Emotional pain, no one can see it on the outside but it creates havoc on the inside. It can be the worst type of pain imagined and the stress of it can create sickness, loss of work and distance in relationships. We have the tools and knowledge to help you get relief from feeling stuck and live a happier more joyful life.

We have the skill, compassion, integrity, and dedication to provide client-centered care and have acquired advanced, graduate level, clinical training.  Whether you need assistance with depression, anxiety, loss, childhood trauma, addiction, relating to others, or the stress of everyday life, we will provide you with the care that is sensitive and responsive to your needs.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a journey into one’s own psyche for the purpose of self discovery and personal enlightenment. A variety of negative factors, both physical and mental, can hinder one from achieving their true potential. Personal, one on one counseling can begin the process of self healing and discovery.

Couples Therapy

It’s perfectly normal for a romantic relationship have its ebbs and flows, waxing and waning periods. When you and your significant other begin to have frequent, unsolvable problems, or issues lasting over a large spans of time, you may benefit from couples counseling. Let me help you and your significant other find happiness.